Who Put the Play in Display

The postwar years saw the greatest increase in personal wealth for certain classes in America. The commercial class bought and the manufacturing class made whatever they wanted. Meanwhile, the industrial display class produced dioramas and point-of-purchase displays designed to draw these frenzied consumers into the stores and showrooms. Gardner Displays of Pittsburgh, Pa., published this snazzy catalog to show what they were able to do—hypnotizing through design.

The print series is now on display at the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery. Pop art just hasn’t been the same since the Industrial Revolution, as evident in Cornelius’ meticulous detail. Every one of these prints is crammed with detail. Loved these catalog pages!Scan-135


One comment

  1. chelseamerola · April 30, 2015

    This is such an interesting way to display products! I feel as if it’s vastly different from the approach we generally take today in advertising;it’s much more playful and as you said, weirdly hypnotizing. I guess consumer attitudes have changed and products aren’t as much of a novelty anymore because we are so used to having an endless variety of products and their continual innovation.


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