Under the Covers, PRINT Magazine

Redesigning Nabakov: How Limitations Can Be a Designer’s Best Friend – Peter Terzian

Vintage art director, John Gall asked a few jacket designers to create new covers for the twenty-one Nabokov titles that the company publishes. Each cover had to be a photograph of a specimen box, a nod to Nabokov’s passion for butterfly collecting. The designers were free to create more or less what they wished. Paul sahre on “The Luzhin Defense” said that “John found a way to collaborate with the designers who participated without doing it in the conventional way. He created a very interesting and difficult game to play”.

This article was very interesting because I liked how he wanted each of the designers to think outside of the box. We often complain about the multitude of limitations which we’re faced with every day as designers. As a book designer it is important to come up with something that will represent imagery. The most important part of any design is the message: good design sends the same message to everyone.


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