Trip to Hannafords: Coffee, Tea, & Hot Chocolate

What are the products shelved with? What is the packaging of these products like? What do they have in common. Is there a general personality for these products? 

Coffee, Tea and Hot chocolate were shelved with hot cereal and drink mixes. The general personality of these products were very earthy and had a variety of colors. Most of the packaging was rectangular, square shapes and they came in small or big boxes.

Is there a package there that is innovative and shows greater emphasis on design?

I think the tea package designs were more innovative and creative. I feel like it represented more of what their product was about. They have an array of colors to choose from.

Is there an established color scheme that consumers are familiar with for this type of product?

The coffee and tea brands had a similar color scheme. It was represented as earthy colors, they used a lot of brown, green, yellow, orange, and red. The hot chocolate was mainly blue and brown and more vibrant than the tea and coffee.

What are the established branding conventions of the graphics that are too important to loose in a redesign? 

The idea is to make sure that the brand was modernized and brought back as a leading brand as it had been before without loosing all the good things it stands for.

What typography conventions are used? 

All these brands seemed to have a serif font, bold, very thin, some in script, Italic or bubble.

Is there an example that seems to be stuck in an older era of packaging and needs new design?

Tetley tea was the brand that stuck out the most to me. Their design reminded me of a tissue box and not something related to tea. They could definitely be in need of a new packaging design.

How many different substrates can you notice? 

Most of the packages were made out of cardboard, plastic, and aluminum.


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