My Packaging Design and Choices

photo 3-1

packaging project

I decided to redesign Tazo. I liked how this one was like a mix of a few different brands and trends. I’m trying to be bold, minimalistic, ancient, fresh and sharp at the same time. One of the great things about design is it is a derivative of art. Sometimes we don’t know why we are drawn to something, why we like something, why we hate something; It just has emotions and we react to it. I loved the quirkiness of the old Tazo packaging. It had personality. It stood out and looked sophisticated. “We call it the agony of the leaf, when it’s in there steeping, and it’s just beautiful.” I want to make it vibrant, using earthy colors that represent the whole tea making process. I feel like since most of the tea brands used serif fonts and swash-y hand lettering fonts, I would like to do something different with more personality of the brand. Like I mentioned before in my other post, my idea is to make sure that the brand is modernized and brought back as a leading brand as it had been before without loosing all the good things it stands for.


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