AIGA: Who becomes a graphic designer?

So who becomes a designer? It’s definitely important to think about all the qualities a designer must have. During my high school career I didn’t take many graphic design courses because they weren’t offered but I knew it was a path i wanted to take. Once I got to college I started taking classes, exploring different things and realized graphic design is what I want to do.  Designers are keen observers and lovers of beautiful and useful objects, messages, and experiences. They pay attention as they move through their day, possessing a hyper awareness of the visual and textual world around them. They make connections and ask questions about how those objects and messages work, what they are, what things look like, and what they mean. Designers have a desire to make and customize things they haven’t seen before, and then share them. Observations lead to wondering what something that doesn’t exist yet would look like, and oftentimes the only way to know what it would be like is to make it. This curiosity is at the core of the designer, and doesn’t always make sense to everyone else. For me I enjoy making art, its something that reflects on what I’m going through or what’s around me. When people view my work I want them to get that sense of feeling.


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