Chip Kidd: “Designing Books is no laughing matter”

After watching the video on TED my first impression was wow! designing book jackets is an art, which really involves creativity and deep thought. Mr. Kidd reflects, “The book needs a face to give you a first impression”.

Why is it important the design of a book cover? A book cover talks to the eye. It illustrates its content, its topic. It sells or depicts an idea, so it becomes interesting to the reader, and he or she will want to be immersed in the story. A book cover can be pleasantly inviting to the reader. It can be the “voice” of the author making the theme of the story intriguing and/or, it can really trap the reader mysteriously by just glancing at its jacket cover.

After watching this video, I realized that what lies behind the design of a book cover is very important and very interesting. It is a big responsibility to design a book cover that will appeal to the reader and that is eye catching. As Kidd says “ it is a responsibility to the reader, to its publisher, and most importantly to the author”.


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